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Starbucks recalled stainless steel straws and is now one of the hottest news of all of us. We can easily find out that
Starbucks recalls stainless steel straws for safety reasons. Why did he use stainless steel straws? do you know? You can
ask google, but I can tell you, no one knows!

Is it feasible to replace the plastic straw with a stainless steel straw
In order to reduce the use of plastic straws, there are a variety of reusable straws, including stainless steel straws,
and the latest folding straws,rainbow metal straws. Are these straws really environmentally friendly? Some people think that the carbon dioxide
in the process of the stainless steel pipe is probably larger than the plastic pipette. Is this true? Professors at
American universities say the benefits of both include:

1. It is a material that can be recycled, and there is no waste of resources.

2. Unlike plastic straws that are thrown into the ocean and living organisms, eating them in the human body can cause

3. Can be used repeatedly without making garbage.

Round and thick at both ends, stainless steel straws can be used safely

Therefore, it should be developed in this direction, replacing the plastic straw with stainless steel and glass straws.
However, accidents occurred when children used stainless steel straws, which is questioning their safety. In fact, as long
as they are modified during manufacturing, it is not a big problem. For example, the stainless steel straws are thicker
and more rounded, which can prevent children from being Stab wound. Just like a computer case, most of the cheap and rough
casings are not trimmed, and the user is easily scratched, which is caused by the simpleness, so the focus is on the work

First of all, in the American family, who uses straws when drinking water or soup or porridge at home? First of all, maybe
everyone does not need to use stainless steel straws to drink soup, and then there may be no manufacturers to provide
products. The straws we all use are all plastic. This batch, low-cost product is unsanitary. If it is colored or black, it
is less hygienic, so few straws are used in the home. In fact, this is a blank in the US market, and this stainless steel
straw can just fill this gap.

In addition, if you are good at observing life, you will find such a phenomenon: the more the small restaurants on the
street, the more frequently the stalls use the disposable chopsticks, the higher the frequency of consumption and the high
traffic. The chances of using disposable chopsticks in high-end restaurants and luxury restaurants will be very small.
Even if you want to take away a pair of chopsticks, the hotel will send you a pair of commemorative chopsticks instead of
disposable chopsticks.

why use stainless steel straws?why?

We have to use a barrel theory here. What is the barrel theory? To put it simply: how much water a bucket can hold,
depending on the shortest plate of the bucket. So how do you determine the grade of a luxury restaurant? It depends on the
thing that he is least on the grade. So in a high-end restaurant, even if you say that the package is taken away, he will
not give you a disposable chopsticks; in a high-end restaurant, even the toilet is a gold-rimmed toilet. This is called
the high-end atmosphere, this is called a good horse with a good saddle!

Why do you rarely see big bosses eating at small restaurants? Because the status of the two sides is not equal! Why do
high-end restaurants do not use disposable chopsticks because of the price drop! Why doesn’t Starbucks use plastic straws
as a matching accessory? The same is true. These people will not lose their identity because of ten blocks and eight, not
worth it!

Some people are worried that the stainless steel pipette will discharge more carbon than the plastic pipette. The doctor
pointed out that the stainless steel pipette is used repeatedly. It may not be a problem for several decades. In
comparison, it must be used once. The plastic pipette lost is much less polluted.

As for the safety of the glass pipette, it is mainly to fear the rupture and hurt the children, but the focus is on the
process, just like the difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass, the tempered glass will not be sharp and
there will be no sharp puncture, as long as manufacturing The process is a lot of trouble, and good quality is safe to

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