Many catering hotels have stopped using plastic straws. Stainless steel straws have been widely used in 2019.

How many catering companies have announced the suspension of straws, and how far is the plastic straw from the “out”?

In the February 16 report of the US BBC, the plastic straws that have long dominated the catering industry are being “squeezed out” recently. Last year, several hotel restaurants announced that McDonald’s announced that it will pilot a straw reduction program at several restaurants from November 1, 2018. Some of the restaurants tested “sippy-free cup lids”, and other restaurants did not provide straws.

This is just a microcosm of the global “plastic storm”. Since this year, many catering hotels have issued “deportation orders” for plastic straws. In July, Starbucks announced that all plastic stores around the world will ban plastic straws by 2020, while the new cap design without straws will be announced. In the same month, Marriott International also said it will stop the use of non-degradable plastic straws in more than 6,500 hotels and resorts worldwide, which is expected to reduce the use of more than one billion plastic straws by Marriott International within one year.

There is also a shortage of government figures in the “plastic storm”. It is understood that many countries and cities in Europe and the United States have proposed regulations and plans to restrict or ban plastic straws this year.

Behind the cessation of plastic straws, there is a problem of pollution and waste that cannot be ignored. Yang Jianhua, president of the California Society of Social Sciences, said that straws are difficult to degrade as plastic products, and the damage to the ecological environment is long-term and deep. “Whether it is discarded or landfilled, plastics will eat away with land resources, leading to reduced production and even impact of agricultural products. The marine environment.” And because of the difficulty of recycling, a waste treatment company in the United Kingdom once called the plastic straws “the ultimate waste of mankind”.

reusable straw with case
reusable straw with case

Is the plastic pipette that has been criticized likely to withdraw from the market? Jack, the executive director of the California Environmental Volunteers Association, said that despite the growing popularity of plastics, plastic straws have a long way to go.

Scholars said that as an invention that has been integrated into consumer habits, bidding farewell to plastic straws means finding the right substitute. Previously, some merchants have tried this aspect, such as using stainless steel straws,collapsible straws, etc., but they have not been able to open the situation because of the difficulty of cleaning and disinfection. “It is the practice of designing the lid to be directly drinkable. , achieved some success, but still did not solve the problem of declining user experience.”

It is understood that the current perfect alternative to plastic straws has not yet appeared. Although McDonald’s previously replaced plastic straws with biodegradable paper straws in some areas, some consumers also reported that the problem of “paper straws being easily soluble” also needs to be solved.

At the same time, cost pressures are also a major factor in the pursuit of environmentally friendly solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. The reporter saw on a wholesale website that the top ten products in the well-known brand “Double Child Sipper” were plastic straws, and paper straws were rarely asked. The highest-selling plastic straws cost 4,000 10USD, while the same number of paper straws have a minimum of 5USD.

Consumers want user experience, businesses must control costs, and environmental protection is a common problem facing the whole society. Yang Jianhua said that in this context, the promotion of “disabling straws” should not be underestimated, and there is still much room for discussion on the policy of some enterprises to the national level. To this end, the government can use the corporate behavior to make certain specifications for the consumption scenarios that restrict or prohibit the use of plastic products. On the other hand, it should take the lead in further research and development of existing plastic alternatives to make it more suitable. Promote value.

The staff of the Health Bureau, Jack, believes that it is a good idea to advocate waste sorting in situations where social environmental awareness is not enough to support the “sweet” of plastic straws. The distribution of plastic straws is too fragmented and the collection cost is high. In the case of standardized classification, there is still a recycling value. This also prevents plastic straws from flowing into the soil or the ocean where it should not be.

“The most important thing is that through the classification of waste, the public has also been educated.” Zhang Shuilong said that based on the improvement of environmental awareness, everyone is willing to pay for greener materials and a better social environment.



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