Tescochinafactory is No.1 Eco Product and China Metal Straws factory. Now our world is sick because of plastic products as the video below, tescochinafactory target in promoting plastic-free products to the global market.


Founded in March 2006, Tesco China Group Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of hardware processing and accessories. Our headquarters is located in Hong Kong and our factory is located at Shenzhen and Dongguan City in Guangdong. 

We have well-trained workers to control product’s quality. All the products will be available after strictly inspection. We offer an professional services line. With industry leading Technology, our products enjoy a good reputation around the world.

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Transparent collapsible straws
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We can provide Pantone color customization, whether you are silicone or plastic. Welcome to join! #FoldableMetalStraws#ReusableCollapsibleStrawWhatsApp/WeChat:+86 13038888220Email:info@tescochinafactory.comhttps://www.tescochinafactory.com/
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In Dongguan, our factory produces a series of Featured Eco Metal Straw and Titanium Set